Sunday, October 7, 2007

i've never heard of that breed

how nice to see my two girls sitting on the lion rug, playing together.

bug was just babbling away, she's always so happy to see her sister.

pooka asked, "what is she saying?"

i said, "she says, 'give me back my toy, you curly-headed freak, before i bite your knees!'"

if there's one drawback to having a baby in the house, it's that pooka is regressing for attention. when she stubs her toe, she immediately sticks her thumb in her mouth, something she never did when she was an infant. similarly, she wants to reclaim all the baby toys she hasn't played with in years.

the baby was chewing on an inflatable block. pooka wanted to play with it, too. she said, "look, mommy, we're both playing with the block."

when i turn around, i see they're playing tug of war with the block in the manner of two dogs: with their teeth. pooka's even growling to boot.

pooka thought i called the two of them "pig bulls".