Wednesday, March 21, 2007

virus...pass it on

it looks like kisu has caught my cold. he didn't go to school last night, and his lab partner called to say that he was sick as well.

instead of the slowly encroaching yuckiness i felt, kisu jumped right into the really crappy phase. he has been pretty miserable since monday. last night was possibly the worst, though. he was coughing and hacking most of the night. none of us slept very well. i don't know if pooka really heard him during the night, but she also complained about 'a clicking problem' with her fan. she was up several times last night.

between kisu coughing, pooka asking to be re-tucked in, and the baby , i felt like i hardly slept at all. i am quite stiff and not a little cranky. plus, there's the constipation. so i guess i am starting to develop the feelings of 'enough pregnancy already'.


as an example of how out of it kisu is: he called me at work this morning to ask, "when is pooka due for her saturday medicine again?"

me: "umm, saturday."


me: "oh, yeah, we have to call in a refill. can you do that? i don't have the numbers with me."

kisu, in a really mopey voice: "yeah, i guess so."