Sunday, March 11, 2007

no rest for the weary

today was meant to be a recuperating day after the craziness of yesterday. yeah, that didn't work. we did sleep in a little bit, but once pooka remembered that it was sunday, she insisted that we go to church. when i told her that service had already started, she asked, "what about second service?" i was stumped. i don't even know what time second service is; we never go to that one. i eventually dragged my butt through a shower and after throwing in a load of laundry, we left. afi thought second service would be more crowded cuz, you know, people like to sleep in, but it was barren. there were a total of 3 kids in sunday school. i wonder if it was the time change....

after church, we went to michael's to get some more paint, and meijer to get some groceries. some lunch when we got home, and then a little painting session. i ended up being late for cooking club, which went until 8. by the time i got home, i read some charlotte's web to pooka and put her to bed. then kisu and i watched battlestar and went to bed. ok, technically, i fell asleep before the show was over, but that's typical.

cooking club was a little different this month: they had a surprise shower for the two pregnant women in the group. that was very nice. for the second day in a row, i got my cake on. yum.

kisu and pooka did some more painting while i was gone. ursula's body is half finished. i realized this weekend that it may take longer to finish the character painting than i originally thought; we can't paint while pooka is sleeping in the room. doh! actually, when i mentioned that to her she graciously gave me permission to come in and paint while she was sleeping. but it obviously can't be on the walls over her bed. the sooner we get the painting done, the sooner we can get the rest of the crap out of our living room and into pooka's furniture. it looks like a disaster area right now.

the next major step is for kisu to fix the paint chips in the nursery so we can put that room back together. we might just be ready by the time the baby arrives.


classic freudian?
this morning pooka was trying to sing the song from m*ckey m*use club house. when she got to the spelling part, she sang: "m-i-c-k-e-y L-o-u-s-e". kisu and i had a great time with that. after living in orlando for 3 years, i have a love/hate relationship with uncle walt's empire of the rodent.