Thursday, March 29, 2007

any day now

i had a doc appt this morning and an ultrasound. this little bugger is a shy one: it's butt was in the way. (not like pooka, the exhibitionist.) and it's head was so low, she could barely get a measurement on it. all good signs for impending labor. that, and the fact that i was having contractions while she was scanning me.

so the best guess the tech had as far as size was 8 pounds, give or take half a pound. that's quite the margin of error. i could have been that accurate.

the doctor stripped my membranes and wagered that it would be within the next 48 hours, but not to quote her on it. i have been having contractions all morning since then, so i would bet on it, too.

everyone at work is amazed that i am here, but where else am i gonna be? i can walk the halls here just as well as walking around at home, and the hospital is just as close to here as it is to home. so what's the difference? plus i get paid for being here.

my guess is that i'll last the day, but i don't think i'll be in tomorrow. if contractions stop, though, i will come in. i'm tough like that.