Thursday, March 8, 2007

the siren song of the big bed

it was very nice to meet susan and merideth (the girls from m-a-w) last night, but i was left feeling that it didn't move us along in the process very much. we had already filled out paperwork regarding family members, and what her wish is. last night we did more of that, plus they asked pooka about her favorites: movies, foods, colors, etc. we filled out travel and publicity releases, too. afterwards, kisu told me that he thought it really did serve a purpose, because it allowed them to meet the wish child and get a sense of her personality. they could vet the wish to make sure it was appropriate for the child and really desired by the child, not just something cooked up by the parents so they could have a good time. in that regard, i think they definitely left with the sense that this wish is something very attractive to pooka. they were amazed at her charm, cuteness, and articulation, as well. naturally. in fact, they may have gotten earfuls more chatter from her than they wanted to. i'm certain they got more than they were expecting. they took a bunch of pix, which they will be e-mailing to me, and then i will post them. they brought some toys for pooks, which was generous, but the last things she needed. they also brought pizza for dinner. again, very generous, but i have to be a bit ingrateful and say that it was little skeezer's=yuck. didn't stop me from eating 4 pieces though. must be the hormones...

anyway, we are now waiting to be contacted by a wish manager, who will tell us whether we will actually be meeting rr and going to ??(new york, i think) to cook with her. oh, they asked for a backup wish, and up to this point, kisu and i hadn't been able to come up with an idea that truly represented pooka. well, she came up with her own: to sing with laurie berkner. nice. a rare enough type of event that really plays to her other major interest. good job, pooka.


kisu did manage to get one coat of paint on the bedroom ceiling. he said that he wasn't feeling well yesterday, so he will finish today. i can't help but believe him about feeling poorly, since he fell asleep at 745pm . in fact, we all sunggled up early and fell asleep in the big bed. we finally got up around 11pm to give pooka her meds and shift her to her own bed. there is something so wonderful about sleeping in a family bed like that, but it is equally wonderful to not have a munchkin throwing her legs over you and trying to push you onto the floor.

what i did tonight after clearing out a lot of pooka's bedroom in preparation for tomorrow's carpet cleaning: