Monday, March 19, 2007

getting ready

i finally packed my hospital bag tonight. after getting a message from shari at work notifying me that friday was her last day, it sank in: she's only a week ahead of me, and she's gonna go any day now -- i better get moving.

of course, as i was packing, i had to stop every couple of minutes to determine if what i was feeling were labor contractions. i decided not and continued with what i was doing.

i started going through some of the newborn clothes and picked out 2 coming home outfits for the baby. i refused to take anything pink, because i am just not sure about this being brigitte rose. i don't really mind if it is a boy that he wears pink onesies for his first 3 months, but the coming home outfit will be featured prominently in pictures, and i don't want to traumatize him later. so i packed the pooh bear outfit that pooka came home in, plus one other. it was so nice to smell baby clothes again!

when i finally sat down, the bh contractions stopped, so i knew i was alright.