Friday, March 9, 2007

fish n chips under the sea

we finally got our fish fry. kisu and i have been craving a good fish fry for awhile, and we made plans 2 weeks ago with dad and t to go to 'hope's fish and chips' tonight. t didn't end up coming. she didn't miss anything. i was kind of disappointed. i figured a fish restaurant should have an awesome fish fry, but it was no better than we could have gotten anywhere else that serves a fish fry. i was very pleased with pooka, though. even though the only fish she usually eats is breaded sticks of chopped fish, she did a good job eating the 'fish fingers' at the restaurant. the first one she ate whole (well, in bites), the other two we had to scrape the breading off.

when we got home, we started to install pooka in her new room. the carpets had been steam cleaned earlier in the day and her room was sufficiently dry to move in furniture. we were only going to do the bed, but then we realized we still had a little energy left and got carried away, finally iputting all the furniture in. pooka was delirious with joy. she did her own little interpretive dance in the modern style reflecting the glee of moving into a big girl room with a big girl bed. it was hilarious.

of course, we still don't have the characters finished on the walls, but we can continue that over the next few days. we didn't fill any of the furniture pieces in anticipation of needing to move them to get access to the walls.

pooka had asked me the other day if i would sleep with her one night in her new room. i said that i could probably do that. she asked, " but won't you have to sleep with the new baby forever?" i said, "no , not forever, but maybe we'll do it before the baby comes." so tonight she cornered me. i agreed to sleep in there for one night. poor lonely daddy.