Tuesday, March 27, 2007

do not operate heavy mach....zzzzzz

i practically fell asleep on the way to work yesterday and when i did get there, i couldn't keep my head off the desk. around 945 or so i finally gained enough consciousness to actually be at work. i couldn't figure out what was wrong. i thought i had gotten plenty of sleep sunday, what with the extended nap period. the heat certainly wasn't helping (our a/c is not working and it reached 81 degrees in the office.) the resurgence of the cold? more coughing that fatigue-inducing. so what gives?

well, last night after dinner i took some more cold medicine and found myself sleeping through a hockey game (What? now i know something's up!) it wasn't until i finally awoke clear-headed this morning that i realized the connection between those 2 narcoleptic events. the medicine is 'nite time' formula.

usually the sleepy component doesn't affect me (i once bounced off the walls all night after taking nyquil), but apparently my body chemistry has changed, either from time, or from the baby. this stuff knocked me OUT!

so this morning i took some regular cough medicine, but you can bet your booty i'll be taking the sleepy-time stuff tonite.