Sunday, March 25, 2007

i'm in labor...psych!

i started having contractions late yesterday evening and thought that we might have to go to the hospital, but they weren't very intense and ended up stopping once i went to bed. nevertheless, we got a little nervous/excited and it certainly lit a fire under kisu's butt. he has really gotten into high gear about getting the nursery ready and getting the living room cleaned up.

saturday we got up and went to sam's club, and then i spent a good chunk of time painting the murals (standing) and then pooka wanted to ride her bike, so i walked up and down the block with her, and then emptied the dishwasher in preparation for eating dinner. i think all that standing and walking brought on the contractions. as soon as i sat down they stopped, but the second i stood up again, they started. i told kisu about them after i had counted a few, and we agreed that i should call dad and t just to put them on alert.

t was funny when i called. she said she told dad that i would go into labor that day based on reading my horoscope. close...but no cigar.

i was a little disappointed when the contractions stopped. but at least this gives me hope that the baby might actually want to come out some time soon, and we might not have to be induced. on the other hand, it gives kisu a chance to continue getting healthier. if he's still sick, he won't be much help to me in the delivery room, plus he might have had to wear a mask to hold the baby for the first time. that's bonding.

on the other other hand, i feel like i'm getting sick again. my ears are feeling plugged up again, and my coughing has gotten significanl;y worse. i don't think i'll be much help to myself in the delivery room if i'm sick.

i don't know if it was the contractions, or the activities of saturday, but i slept like crap saturday night and when i woke up today, my back was killing me. i ended up taking a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon. that felt good. pooka took one, too. hopefully, that will help her feel not so grumpy. this weekend was rocky as far as behavior goes.