Thursday, March 22, 2007

funky funky moves

yesterday,poppa took pooka to the play area at the mall, where apparently she saw lots of older kids playing. she informed us that they were, "busting moves like teenagers."

so i think that means they were dancing?

then later in the bath, she wanted me to watch her 'tricks'. this involves lots of flailing and practically intentionally falling into the water filled tub. she was spinning and rolling, and whatnot. she said this was her 'super-funky, funky, funky, funky, funky move'.

i told her i don't think i've ever seen anything funkier. but i'm so square i wouldn't know funky if it flopped on the floor in front of me. oh, wait, it just did.


doctor's appt. today for me. not much change. i scheduled an u/s for next thursday, if the baby hasn't shown up yet, to see just how big this monster is going to get. we also scheduled an induction for 4/4 just in case it takes that long, because i want to be home for Easter.