Friday, March 16, 2007

baby update

went to the ob this morning. 2 cm and 75%, although the doctor so kindly informed me that those numbers don't necessarily mean anything with a second baby. nevertheless, i probably should get that hospital bag packed...

we received the cord blood donation kit, about which the doctor was very pleased to hear. she is a great proponent of the practice. it only makes sense; they'd just throw out the placenta otherwise. this way if it can't directly save someone's life as a transplant, then maybe they will make a breakthrough discovery by performing research with it. i wish we could have done that with pooka's cord blood, but then again, i would have felt really guilty if it had been transplanted into someone and then they developed leukemia, too. oh well, God's will.

so the doctor predicts i'm heading for another 'big baby'. gee, you think?? apparently, anything over 7.5 lbs is a 'big baby'. she said next week they can strip my membranes to hasten things. by next week, i might be interested in hastening things, but so far i'm still comfortable.