Wednesday, March 14, 2007


counts were great today. they'll be checked in two weeks, and clinic again in 4. thank goodness this seems to be winding down. *knock, knock*

pooka was happy to see dr. raj. she was allowed to go into the doctor's special meeting room to give her a hug, since dr. raj was on lunch break from rounds upstairs. apparently, the whole staff are excited about the baby and want us to bring it for a visit. i don't know how i feel about taking a newborn to the hem/onc clinic. have to think on that one.

everyone loved pooka's hair, too. someone even asked how long kisu had to work to get it to look like that. he laughed and shrugged. it's SO gorgeous, but pooka still maintains that she wants straight hair like mommy. how boring. i would love to have her new wavy hair....but i don't want to have to go through chemo to get it.

in the waiting room, someone had a fresh baby, and kisu was talking and interacting with it. pooka got very upset, according to kisu. "you're MY daddy!" oooh, that's gonna be a problem. but i bet when we go out with the baby and other people start trying to interact with it, she'll turn it into, "that's MY sister!" i think that's pretty normal.