Monday, March 26, 2007

this will go on her permanent record

granny suggested public pre-school for pooka. *smacks self on forehead*
i don't know why i never thought of that.

i called the district today and got the information. it's only 2 days/week, and the sessions are only 2 hours and 15 minutes, but it's something. i am very scared at the prospect of sending her in, though.

partially, it's the official-ness of it. once she's in the school system, we have to do everything by the book, right?

apparently, i have already missed the registration period for public school kindergarten this coming fall. oh no, what if she doesn't go back to h'n'h and i've missed my one chance to get her signed up for public school?

what if she gets sick being around all those other kids again? and misses class? does pre-school have an attendance policy?

what if she throws mega-tantrums on the teachers?

what if she gets sick at school and they don't know how to handle it?

what if she exerts her charismatic persona and organizes the other kids into a militant mob and executes a coup d'etat over the school administration?

what if a million other scenarios occurs?

i don't remember feeling this nervous when we sent her off to daycare. what's the deal?

ultimately, i think that this will be great for her to be able to play with kids her age and get used to sharing, and being on someone else's schedule, and all the other things that go with being in school and not being a stay-at-home pampered princess, but i'm worried about the timing. the school year ends at the end of may, so we should take advantage of all the time left, but sending her right now might make her feel like we're kicking her out the door because of the baby (even though it's only 4 hours/week.).

and if it's only 4 hours/week, is it worth the hassle of doing the paperwork and the anxiety?