Friday, June 1, 2007

smiley girl

i can't believe what a difference i feel between pooka's infancy and bug's. bug smiles so easily; i don't remember pooka being so happy-go-lucky, but then again, i don't remember last month, either.

buggy hardly ever cries. she's quite predictable: she eats, then she'll be content to talk or chew on her fist for a good half hour or so, then she'll want her binky for a while, then she'll want to eat again, then nap. she's good at entertaining herself already, although she sometimes demands to move.

it's amazing how easy it is to make her smile: she loves to feel a gentle breeze on her face, it makes her grin big time. now she is starting to respond to light tickling on her torso. she also will smile if i wipe her mouth. so easy. and what a rush it gives me to see it.

i wonder how much of it has to do with how laid back i am this time around, instead of being frazzled like i was with pooka?

with pooka, she was daddy's girl from the beginning. seems like the only time she wanted to see me was when she was hungry. with bug, she loves her daddy, but she doesn't give him as many smiles or giggles as i get. and boy does she love her poppa! as soon as she sees him, she lights up.