Thursday, June 14, 2007

if the walls could listen

last night we gave the girls a bath. pooka thoroughly enjoyed being able to hold her sister while i scrubbed, but bug was less than enthusiastic. the last time we did it she was ok, but tonight not so much. by the end of it, i was not too thrilled, either, as my entire back had locked up and i was barely able to lift bug the short distance into kisu's waiting towel-clad arms. woe for my post-partum aches and pains, which seem to be multiplying by the week.

once bug was removed pooka could get down to the serious business of playing in the tub, although we could still hear the screaming complaints. at one point, pooka asked me if these walls were 'hear-proof'. obviously not.

we need to strictly monitor the items she takes into the tub after the soap incident. the drain plugged up with a wad of disintegrating soap box/hair clipping goo. fortunately, kisu was able to clear it so scrupulously that the drain now has super sucking powers. i made sure pooka evacuated the tub before the water had completely drained, lest she be slurped down like a strand of giant spaghetti.