Tuesday, June 12, 2007

blood and time

there was a blood drive at work today. i was very gratified to be able to donate again. kisu was supposed to be donating while i was pregnant but he never did. i wasn't sure how my body would react what with the loss of blood and the breastfeeding, but the only side effect i had was some wooziness upon standing from a crouched position. that usually happens anyway. i knew i had to make sure i drank lots of water yesterday for the above two reasons. my pee is now colorless.

it is becoming increasingly clear that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. i arrive home at 6, feed bug, make dinner, eat, clear dishes, feed bug, put pooka to bed, time for chores/tasks (approx 20-50 minutes), feed bug, put bug to bed, go to bed. i can't mess with my bedtime too much without negatively impacting milk production. pooka's bedtime has de facto changed to 9pm for the simple fact that we can't get ready any sooner. i can't wait for a weekend where i can actually relax a little bit or at least prep stuff for the coming week so i don't feel so rushed every single weeknight.