Thursday, June 21, 2007

items of the day

pooka went to the splash park with granny and some friends. she LOVED it. she was crabby about it at first because she thought that eating dinner with granny meant she would be staying overnight. once granny told her they were having pasta, she was fine.

they like us! they really like us!
cullen and suzanne and the baby were out for a walk earlier and stopped by to say hi.

they are pouring new sidewalks in our neighborhood, and people were told to park on side streets since they couldn't access their driveways. our ancient, crotchety neighbors had their handyman drive ACROSS OUR LAWN to get back in their driveway! this made me so furious; they're persnickety people who complain if we leave any trace of grass clippings on their driveway and even throw twigs back in our yard when they come off our tree. i want kisu to go and give them a piece of his mind. he witnessed the whole thing.