Sunday, June 3, 2007


we went to scotty's graduation and party this weekend. it was good to see our friends again. i can't believe the kids are so old already. we took danica and jessica, too, and they had fun hanging out with the other teens.
pooka was dying to get in the pool, even though her suit was too tight. we let her use it one day but then bought her a new one. she spent SO much time swimming. she is down to only using water wings and needs no human support. she swam countless laps around the perimeter. she was so proud of herself for the swimming itself, but also for 'exercising'.
d and j and i got a bump circle going and the younger girls wanted to join in, but didn't quite get the concept. when they did manage to make contact, it was usually a wild hit that had to be chased down. pooka was so insistent on playing, but then wasn't paying attention when the ball came to her. i was pretty harsh with her and felt a little bad, but it boiled down to our usual battle with her: pay attention! she wants to 'play volleyball' but stands there gazing off into the distance instead of watching for her turn. or when she does notice the ball coming to her, she catches it instead of bumping it.
i was surprised that i knew a couple of other graduates in addition to scott and his friends. there were 3 children of my former professors graduating. again i'm amazed at how quickly they've grown.