Friday, June 8, 2007

shearing time

tonight we all went for haircuts. pooka's hair is getting kind of bushy. we talked with the stylist to see if she thought it would continue to get more 'fro like, or if it would start to hang. she said hang and she made some suggestions on how to best cut it to facilitate that happening. kisu and i also got cuts, but pooka and bug were the main attractions there.
afterwards, we got ice cream. pooka knew immediately what she wanted (superman) but then barely ate any of it or the special cone that came with it. i was surprised because she loves cookies with m&m's baked in.
her appetite has really changed in the last month, which is good i think. she does less snacking during the day, less mindless eating, and eats a little less at meals than she used to. she still looks healthy and is slimming down. thank goodness.