Sunday, June 10, 2007


what a beautiful day! it went pretty much along my plan, for once. i wanted to get to the church early to feed bug and get her into her outfit so she wouldn't have to travel in that heavy gown. we didn't get there as early as i would have liked, but it all worked out. there was another little boy being baptised, he was about 12-18 months old, probably. bug was very tolerant of being passed to pastor marsha and didn't squawk when she got wet. pastor marsha had bug up on her shoulder and i was just waiting for bug to either eat the lavalier mike or spit up all over her stole. fortunately, nothing untoward happened and pastor marsha then carried her up and down the center aisle to meet the people. as soon as she got back to me, she started fussing and demanded the bink. i'm glad she went that long without it, for the pictures' sake. it was HOT in there, though, and we were all sweating. when we sat down, i put bug in the car seat and lifted the gown off her as much as i could. she promptly fell asleep.

after the service, we went to coffee hour for a bit and i fed bug again. i wanted aunt p to give at the blood drive next door, but there wasn't enough time. we went off to frank's.

angie did a great job for us: gave us a huge discount, had baptism balloons, served the cake (that she picked up from the bakery!) and even let me use her office to feed bug yet again. we love the people at frank's diner!

~congratulations to cousin thomas who was also baptised today.