Wednesday, June 13, 2007

check out my crib

finally! after sitting disassembled in the nursery for 2 weeks, the crib is usable.
we *ahem* misplaced the hardware and, despite kisu's attempts to contact the manufacturer, we were unable to get official replacements. so kisu went to home depot and bought the hardware on his own. it works just fine. bug spent her first night in last night and it was a success. unfortunately, the mobile is dead. we forgot to take the batteries out when we put it in storage and they corroded. additionally, it may have gotten stuck with the buttons jammed in an on position and worn itself out. i mounted the mobile anyway so that she would have something to look at while she's there.

i was afraid that she'd gotten so used to sleeping in the swing that she wouldn't transition to the crib. 1-the swing keeps her in a semi-reclined position and 2-it moves and entertains her! she was asleep from nursing last night when i put her in the crib and she didn't wake. she didn't seem unduly upset by her location when i went in for the 2 o'clock feeding, nor for the 6 o'clock. i think she might be alright with it. of course it's only been one night.