Monday, June 18, 2007

biker babes and dudes

granny bought pooka a big wheel on saturday. she is over the moon. she zoomed up and down the sidewalk about a bajillion times. it's a barbie big wheel. *shudder*
she rode the thing for an hour at granny's , then for awhile at home while dinner was cooking, and then again on sunday while kisu and i did yardwork. she was fired up to ride all day again today... but they ripped up the sidewalk.

she was moderately consoled when kisu had her make handprints in the freshly poured concrete outside our gate. he also stuck bug's feet in.

poppa brought his new motorcycle home this weekend. it's his second bike in 2 days. he bought it in florida and was driving it home when it broke down at the tennessee/kentucky border. fortunately, he got in touch with the dealer who called a local dealer who picked poppa up. apparently the bike had a bad drive train. instead of waiting a week while they fixed it (it was under warranty, obviously) poppa got a brand new bag, i mean, bike.

we saw it sunday at cracker barrel when we met up with granny and poppa for father's day dinner. i don't know how long poppa had been planning this bike purchase, but until kisu pointed it out, it had never occurred to him that the colors he picked are also the colors for the tampa bay bucs. doh!

after dinner, we rode to grandpa k's to visit, and granny and poppa followed us. poppa wanted to show off his new wheels. turns out grandpa k and grandma b knew about the motorcycle even before we did! is it just me or is it kind of spooky that my parents and my in-laws socialize without the two people who introduced them?