Saturday, June 9, 2007

family reunion

we had our own little family reunion today. granny, poppa, gamma, grandpa, cousins d and j, aunt pami. we spent the day cleaning the sticks from the roof and yard after the storm this week, and cooking up a heckuva spread for dinner. we had to get the folding table out! there was a TON of food and everyone was satisfied, even the picky eaters. then we had a cake for gamma's bday and made her cry. jackpot!
pooka and bug got a little out of sorts towards the end of day after too much stimulation. plus pooka was on benadryl. poor buggy hardly slept all day and had a hard time getting settled to sleep tonight. pooka crashed on our bed, and i am ready to drop. i did a lot of work today after staying up until 230 last night talking to my big sister.