Thursday, May 31, 2007

celebration of learning

pooka had her 'celebration of learning' at preschool today. they even wore mortarboards. they were so cute. i managed to not cry outright, although my eyes did fill up. it was nice to have cousins and granny and poppa there. the teachers were certain that pooka will have no trouble in kindergarten. mrs w declared pooka has maturity beyond her years.
pooka didn't need this to learn her letters or things like that; in that regard she could probably skip kindergarten. this time was valuable to help her re-socialize after being away from her peers for so long and for the physical activity and it even helped her to start to develop her creative/artistic voice. i only wish we had enrolled her sooner.
after the short ceremony,we had a buffet meal comprised of contributions from the students' families. last night kisu and i cleaned 8 POUNDS of strawberries. they were a big hit and we had probably less than one pound to bring home after the event.