Monday, May 28, 2007

memorial day

we had a very nice day today. i had a nice lie-in, and then we got up to bathe the bug. then i ran some errands and by the time i came back, granny and poppa were here and the gardening had begun. i helped prep some stuff for the bbq, and then started trimming the front hedges-manually. ugh, those things were monstrous! by the time i finished, it was time to start cooking. we had SO much food. then we walked up to the local ice cream place, with pooka riding her bike. she is doing very well on it now, but it is too small for her. she took a tumble trying to get off the sidewalk where there wasn't a ramp and poppa just stood there and watched. bad poppa. she freaked out, of course, but two seconds later was scolding someone for something. she's such a drama queen.

the garden has a good variety of veggies in it. i hope the critters don't get to them before i do. looks like salad on demand all summer! half of what pooka planted she doesn't even like to eat.

now i am exhausted! i have to go to work tomorrow...