Friday, May 11, 2007

mother-daughter dinner

tonight was the mother-daughter dinner at church. pooka and i went to this a couple years ago and had a good time. i thought it would be especially important this year with her feeling that i spend too much time with buggy and not enough with her.

dinner was ok, although pooka ate only chicken and bread, as well as the chocolate chip cookie for dessert. the entertainment was the silver strings dulcimer society, which was an unusual choice. being me, i was very grateful for the opportunity to introduce pooka to some music and instruments she was unlikely to encounter any other time. the music was nice and pooka did enjoy it, but it ran waaay too long. when it finally ended, though, it was worth the wait because the musicians let us look at and even play the instruments. of course, pooka was all over that.

i had a woman approach me after dinner and ask about pooka's diagnosis. she shared that her son had leukemia at the age of 24 and was successfully treated. this is quite a blessing considering that it happened in the 70's when treatments were not as succesful as they are today. several people commented on pooka and her hair and boisterous personality. she enchants everyone she meets. what an amazing child.