Sunday, May 27, 2007

polish and proud

today we went to the st. mary's polish community festival since it finally stopped raining. your typical summer carnival deal, with a polish flavor. lots of merchandise plus pierogies! yum. pooka and i split a platter, since she won't eat kapusta and golubki anyway. i hope the kraut doesn't bother bug.
kisu missed it, unfortunately, but pooka had a blast. there was a ride with a helicopter painted like spiderman; she said she rode that one for daddy.
she won a prize at the duck pond game and then we won something for buggy together. the game where the ball rolls across a grid of colored holes and you place your bet on which color it will land. pooka tossed the ball and it landed on my color. sweet. there were all kinds of non-polish people there, but pooka looked polish today. i forgot to grab her belt and didn't remember until we got home that her pants had an adjustable waistband. she walked around all day looking like a plumber. good job, mom.
bug tolerated all the commotion pretty well, until she got hungry. i fed her a little bit, but then she got too upset to finish eating and it was all down hill from there. she cried herself to sleep on the way home and then woke up ready to really feast. pooka fell asleep half way home, but then perked up when we arrived and wanted to play her recorder. no way, babe, it's 10 o'clock!