Friday, May 18, 2007

pooka, pooka, quite contrary

how does your garden grow?
well, not really growing anything yet, but it's ready to be planted. awhile back granny and poppa brought the 4x4's to block out the garden and lots of top soil to fill it. today they brought a rototiller to do the final prep. they pulled out lots of rocks and sod chunks and turned up a ton of worms. our backyard was a feast for the robins this afternoon. there was one bird who took off with 3 worms in her mouth at once! they did transplant the pea plants that had been struggling in the window. it will be interesting to see what we reap from this garden this summer-IF we can keep the critters out of it. a couple weeks back we inadvertantly left the garage door open and something got into our garbage. i know it was bigger than a squirrel because i saw the bite marks in a paper plate. oppossum or raccoon? i've seen rabbits in our backyard, too, but i don't think they raid the trash barrel.