Tuesday, May 22, 2007

cool, hip mom

ever since i first saw heely's, i have been saying that i want to find them in my size. well, kisu managed to do it and bought me some for mother's day. he said he wants me to feel like a young, hip momma. so, since i'm not actually one, i should feel like one??
anyway, i tried them out on the living room hardwood. it's a lot more difficult than it looks. the hardest part is keeping your toes up off the ground at just the proper angle. and you have to keep your feet just the right distance apart or that angle is impossible to maintain. on my third try i almost busted my butt. but mostly, i would false start and end up pitching forward.
i haven't worn them since that first day, because i don't really have a proper place. they are meant for indoors only, and i don't really go to many places that have a lot of flooring to ride. at least not when i don't have one or two kids in tow. it wouldn't be nice to make pooka run to keep up with me, and it would be really bad to drop the baby if i slipped...