Tuesday, April 24, 2007

the tooth fairy's a lush

well, the tooth got so loose, kisu convinced pooka to let him pull it. otherwise, i was worried it might come out at a less than opportune time and it would be lost or worse, get swallowed. so after several attempts to lasso the tooth with a dental floss loop, it came out. she was so brave she didn't make a peep. she was just so geeked to have a tooth to put out for the tooth fairy. kisu and i were concerned that putting it under the pillow would lead to her waking up and seeing the tooth fairy, as accustomed as she is to getting woken up a couple hours into her sleep, so we convinced her to put her tooth into a shot glass. accordingly, the tooth fairy left her dollar in the shot glass as well. this morning at frank's when pooka was telling (everyone) that her tooth came out, they asked if the tooth fairy left money under her pillow. she replied, "no, a shot glass." kisu and i burst out laughing at the strange looks we received as we explained that the tooth fairy didn't leave our 5 year old a shot glass, but instead left money in a shot glass on the nightstand.