Tuesday, April 3, 2007

meet your sister

friday granny and poppa brought pooka and kisu up to the hospital to see us. i was a little nervous about pooka's reaction since she had been so fidgety the last month. worry was unneccessary because as soon as she saw the baby, she was in love. 'i want to hold my sister. my turn, my sister." we'll all be fine.
we had made all the family calls and announcements, so all we had to do now was wait for visitors. kisu's parents came while mine were still there, so it got quite crowded. we took a bunch of pictures and the ones on the camera phone were sent immediately. eventually they left when i announced that bug had to eat. pooka threw a huge tantrum and had to be carried out. i felt very bad, but she was nuts. i hope those tantrums stop soon.