Thursday, April 12, 2007

false start

we want to get pooka into public pre-school, but because of the impending birth of the baby, we weren't sure when to start. when i took pooka to clinic yesterday, she was all excited and told everyone who would listen that she was starting school today. so this morning we get up and hustle to get ready, only to show up and find the doors locked. we waited until 9, but nobody arrived. i thought maybe today was one of the field trips the teacher had mentioned, but the whole place looked deserted. i went around the building and tried all the doors, until i found one that was open. i went in and asked the secretary if school was in session. she looked at me as if i were crazy, "no, it's easter break." of course.
doh! pooka was heartbroken. she even told me, "i'm just upset and there's nothing you can do to make me feel better." i suggested many things that she has been eager to do, but nothing would assuage her grief. until 2 hours later, at which point she wanted to do EVERYTHING i had suggested.