Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the end is just the beginning

monday was the last weigh-in for work's thrive contest.

i ended strong, with a 3.4# loss since the last weigh-in and a total loss of 8.2#.

not bad, but of course, the journey is not over. now that i'm not concerned just with numbers on the scale, i can go back to my 'normal' schedule of weight-lifting. now it becomes a matter of total fitness and preparation for the adventure trip.

oddly enough, i find that a regimen of more weights than cardio actually works better for my body. case in point, yesterday i really pushed myself working my upper body and even though i was way off on my nutrition (2 pieces of pie, a brownie, a molasses chocolate, am i missing anything?) i still registered a 1.5# loss this morning!