Thursday, March 13, 2008

further proof that my kid's exceptional if i needed it.

pooka got her very first report card. the scale contained: +, -, and N-for not taught.

as expected, her marks were all +, except for the few categories that were N. doubtless, they will cover those particular skills in the second half of the year, else why would they even be on the report card?

because we're anal and competitive like that, we quizzed her on those as-yet-untaught skills and sure enough, she's got those down, too. there were a few concepts we couldn't devise quick tests for, but i know she'd get them right anyway.

so now we need to come up with a reward system for getting good grades. it needs to be something sustainable, valuable, and not food-related. we want her to have a goal worth striving for, but that won't result in useless/unhealthy consumption.

is it too much to tempt her with a car for graduating kindergarten with a 4.0?


since the new year, the teacher has been sending home 'sight words' for the kids to work on. they're supposed to practice spelling them, using them in sentences, and looking for them in printed material.

pooka got only a month's worth of words. after that, the teacher sent a note home stating that pooka is comfortable with all the kindergarten sight words and will be getting more advanced homework.

my kid rocks.