Sunday, March 2, 2008

the lion in winter

doesn't do a whole lot.

we went to the zoo today. the weather was not bad, and i had seen claims on the zoo website that some animals are more active in the cooler months than they are in the oppressive heat.

to that i say, "LIARS!" the polar bears weren't even out!

we did see a fight erupt among the snow monkeys, but that was the highlight of the outside portion of the day.

i have to admit it was excellent to be there without the crowds, and because it was so sparsely populated, when we went into an area with a docent, we actually got to talk to them.

we went to the amphibian house, which surprisingly, i had never visited before.

tropical frogs are the coolest. temperate frogs are so boring with their woodsy camouflage. ooh, you can't find me!


tropical frogs are flashy and fun. woohoo! look at me and my spots. well, sure, i'm toxic and poisonous if you eat me, but aren't i bee-yoo-tee-ful?

i don't care if you are a prince, i'm not kissing you.

my friend, the radiated tortoise.

watching his partner struggle to pick up a 6' twig.

yo. what's up.