Friday, February 29, 2008

improv at the church

follow-up to the day we served communion.

i was a little nervous. for all the times i've received communion, i focused on what i'm supposed to say when i accept. i panicked trying to remember what the stewards say when they offer.

when the pastor called us forth, we ended up being the last couple to arrive. she served the stewards first and then because kisu and i were last in line, she simply handed us basket and cup. since i was last last, i got the wine grape juice.

great. because of her congested nose, or because of the blood pounding in my ears, i didn't hear clearly what she said over the wine. it sounded like, "a cup of His love".

i'd never heard that variant before, but i figured, hey, we're a progressive kind of church, why not?

so i went with it, but about halfway through i started feeling like an airplane stewardess at de-planing; i started mixing it up.

a little "cup of His blood," some "His blood for you," here and there a "blood of Christ".

i didn't get any funny looks, even though we got a lot of the older, maybe not-so-progressive members in our line, so it must have been alright.