Tuesday, February 26, 2008

on molds, and breaking them

pam is the adventurous sister. the one who takes risks, throws caution to the wind, and bears no regrets in the wake of her living.

i'm the quiet one. the studious, educated, over-thinking-'til-the-opportunity-passes-me-by one.

allison is the....well, she kind of defies categorization.

recently our parents had a dinner party during the course of which the attendees played a game of my-kid-is-more-witless-than-your-kid. they took turns trying to one up each other with stories of foolish mistakes made by their offspring. pam and allison each had an entry (or two), but i did not.

that is a source of both pride and, paradoxically, some shame.

although i don't habitually make new year's resolutions, i did come to a belated decision this year. the decision that i am done being a spectator in my life. for too long i have watched days fly by, none of them the perfect opportunity to get off my butt and try one of the many adventures that call to me. the money's too tight, the kids are too small, my body's too tired.

in reality any one of those days, or all of them, was the precise moment to spread my wings.

i shared my revelation with kisu and he agreed. whether it be as simple as more frequent family outings to the museum, the zoo, or the bowling alley, as radical as braving the sphere, or as involved as our budding scheme to host a couple's paintball battle this summer, we are going to DO something.

well, then pam called and challenged me to put my money where my mouth is. she has been my instigator on more than one occasion. this time i think she'll find me a little less resistant to her wild and wacky schemes.