Monday, February 4, 2008

bleedin' to thrive

thrive is not going awesomely well.

thoughts this morning include:

  • who the hell scheduled a weigh-in for the day after the super bowl??!!
  • i should have taken a laxative yesterday
  • too bad my blood donation appointment isn't before the weigh-in
  • wish i could've done a 'last-chance workout' this morning at 5 am
  • i hope my teammates have dropped a LOT of weight

i do have a small loss to show, but now that bug is about 90% weaned (and i am about 75% healthy) i look forward to kicking the gym time into high gear.

already, my eating habits are shifting. in the face of all the snacks we bought for the game last night, what i wanted to eat was granola, dried cherries, apples, and peanut butter.

so, one team member is out today, two others gained, and i...

lost 3.4 lbs (since the last weigh-in 4 weeks ago).