Tuesday, February 19, 2008

let them eat (cup)cakes!

have i mentioned that pooka loves to cook and bake?

she got another miniature baking set for her last birthday and she was dying to try it out last weekend. i finally relented when i realized that these things are barely a single bite-ful and i could send them to school with her.

so sunday afternoon we got the ingredients out and, while bug crawled around the kitchen floor (and under pooka's chair), we measured and mixed.

pooka thought it was really cool how i added a drop of food coloring to the batter before baking to get a swirled cupcake.
the part she really wanted to get to was frosting, though, so she could use her fancy frosting gun. like a caulk gun, only sugary.

i demonstrated and then let her take it away. she's frosted before, with a piping bag, so i knew she'd get the hang of it pretty quickly. soon we had a tray full of adorable treats just waiting to be photographed inhaled savored.
we each had one to try and that's when i remembered that this company's recipes are very dense. (next time, i'll use my own recipe.) pooka didn't even finish hers.

but they got sent to school and pooka looked like a princess for her trouble.
check out her skills: