Monday, November 12, 2007

kitchen skillz

moosh's mom is a baker. a multiple blue-ribbon winning baker. apparently, it's a skill she acquired overnight.

i am also, if i do say so myself, a pretty good baker. i love the activity, and i love to enjoy the results. (especially grandma's rolat. mmmmmmm.) pooka loves to bake, too. i have to break her heart so often when she requests that we bake simply because we cannot consume all the multitudes of goodies she wants to create.

but now she's in school. maybe we should start sending treats to kindergarten. i checked, none of the kids have allergies. well, some, but i don't usually bake with amoxicillin, or cat hair. (cat in the house means cat. hair. everywhere.)

i happen to know that the people at work enjoy the occasional baked good, as well. (how about 2 dozen donuts in 5 hours amongst 13 people?) i should indulge them more often. it would make my daughter so happy.

now when it comes to real food, i am seriously deficient. that is why we rely on kisu for wonderful savory num-nums. (he can bake, too, but he usually leaves that to me so as not to hog all the kitchen glory.) left to my own devices i will not starve, but i probably won't enjoy the meal, and neither will anyone else. it has to do with seasonings. proper levels and combinations thereof. i'm not a spice girl idiot. pooka loves to cook with kisu, also and is hopefully retaining what she's seeing.

that is why i think i'm perfectly suited to launching my own line of baby food.

heat fruit/vegetable until soft.