Saturday, November 24, 2007

skid lid

after much frustration and many phone calls, i found an approved facility that could get the process for bug's helmet underway this week. friday morning we went, prepared to get bug's head all goopy with plaster. we were pleasantly surprised with the advances in modern medicine.

edgar thoroughly explained how we would put her down on a scanner bed and a network of 8 cameras would record the shape of her skull. a computer program would then plot pertinent points of her skull that need molding.

she squirmed a bit on the first try but the second was successful. we got printouts of 3 exemplary cross-sections of her skull. edgar showed us where she needed some work and what changes he would try to accomplish through the helmet.

we even got to pick out a pattern for it instead of going institutional white. (although we were tempted to get maize and blue, we went with butterflies--for the bug, of course.)

we pick it up in about 10 days and gradually work her up to wearing it 23 hours per day. the estimate is 4 months, but edgar stressed that this is ultimately dependent on the progress of her skull growth.

all in all, the visit was not traumatic in the least. hopefully we will all adjust to this new scenario as quickly as we have to our other unique situations.