Friday, November 9, 2007

say cheese!

one day i asked pooka if i had told her recently how much i loved her. she got all teen-y on me, and said, "only every day." i think there was an eyeroll there, too but i'm not sure.

i asked, "only once per day?"

she said, "no, about a hundred."

i said, "well, i want to make sure you don't ever forget."

haughtily, she said, "i'm five and a half years old"

here i interrupted with "five and three quarters"

she reiterated, "i'm five and half years old. i have a photographic memory."

"who told you that?"

"i did."

"do you know what that means?"

"it means you remember everything."

"ok, smarty, but a photographic memory only works for things you see, not things you hear."

so i'm going to continue to tell you that i love you ad nauseum.