Wednesday, November 21, 2007

four-eyed family

pooka got glasses last friday. she is a little embarassed by them, but i think she secretly is also a little bit thrilled to have them. she looks freakin' adorable, naturally.

kisu did a smart thing and paid the extra $25 to get ultimate insurance on them. with a 5 year old, who knows what kind of trauma the glasses might sustain? this way we won't have to pay a penny for repairs/replacement.

now we have to go through the lectures of when to wear, how to don, where to store, who can touch, and most important: don't forget them.

she has mentioned that when she has them off, she feels like they're still on. i remember that adjustment period. sometimes i almost walk out the door without realizing i don't have my glasses on. it's a hazard with a mild prescription.

i checked with her teachers and becca said she's had no trouble with them. pooka was afraid that her friends would try to grab them and break them. i think she's got my worrywart gene.