Saturday, November 10, 2007

if wishes were fishes

we'd be in a desert.

still no word from rr's people. pooka hardly ever thinks about it, but i'm getting anxious. i'd like to move along. i know it can take a couple years sometimes before your wish gets fulfilled, but i'm just worried that we'll end up waiting for years only to wind up being told that she won't grant the wish anyway.

our struggle is coming up with a substitute wish. i finally came up with something i thought pooka would go far: meeting/being on set for h*nn*h montana. i brought it up to her and told her to think about it. after a week or so, she decided she wanted to switch. i hope i didn't lean on her too much. i want this to be her decision, but i wanted her to make that decision soon, so i could inform the wish manager.

i called and let them know about the change of heart, but guess what? that's about the most popular wish there is right now. another waiting list and another star who hasn't decided to actually grant wishes.

we have to come up with something that doesn't involve a celebrity. kisu and i are determined, though, that this experience should really be a once-in-a-lifetime event that she otherwise would never get the opportunity to do. a lot of kids ask for a shopping spree or a trip to uncle walt land. we have family in uncle walt land. pooka's practically guaranteed to visit at least once in her life. shopping? she's not big on that. if it were in a toy store, she would love it, but we won't allow it because we have nowhere to put all the junk she would grab. (most of it would probably be laced with lead anyway.)

reading back through my posts, i saw that pooka had suggested an alternate wish at that initial meeting: to sing with la*rie b*rkner. hmm, another celeb-centric wish, but maybe we could work with it. maybe a trip to one of those kid-a-pal**za type concerts WITH backstage passes or something. and make sure the concert is in another state. although this borders on 'might do it anyway', i think it might still be a valid wish.

help us out here. those of you who know pooka, or any exceptional 5 year old girl for that matter, what do you think she'd enjoy? anyone who suggests anything remotely barb*e will be summarily excommunicated.