Thursday, November 29, 2007

any color but pink

ok, anyone who knows me knows that i don't care for pink, especially when it's crammed down my throat as the only appropriate color palette for those with 2 xx chromosomes.

my loathing of pink extends to my eyes; i'd prefer them to stay any other color. (even teal!)

earlier today my right eye started to bother me. a slight nuisance turned into a great aggravation when my sight was obstructed by a little scrap of cloudiness that randomly moved around my field of vision.

i messed with it for awhile, thinking it was just something i could clear by the usual method. (remember being taught to pull your upper eyelid out a little bit to generate some refreshing tears?) i removed a little bit of goop, but it didn't stop the scratchiness.

it was at this time that i needed to replace the developer waste container on the printer. while attempting to plug the hole in the full container, the cover slipped and the tip of my thumb crashed against the (very sharp plastic!) edge of the hole and opened a gash a centimeter wide. it hurt, but not enough to even elicit a real curse from me, let alone enough to cause me to cry and comfortingly wash my eye clean.

standing at the sink, rinsing the blood from my finger and trying in vain to dull the throb (damn the lack of cold water), i attempted to flush my eye. unsuccessful, i finally retreated to a mirror to see what i could see.

the funny thing about trying to diagnose eye obstructions is that you can't see anything when you stick your finger in your own eye.

a co-worker supplied me with some eyewash, but two doses were insufficient to clear the problem. after more poking and prodding, i was able to remove some more stringy goop. the prevalence of that stuff got me worrying about conjunctivitis. i have a dread fear of pink eye, having suffered through half a dozen infections in elementary school.

after some time, i felt that the irritation had subsided enough to allow me to return to my desk and continue working.

so i'm sitting here, with two bandaids on my thumb, one bloodshot eye in which i have yet to restore visual clarity, resisting with an iron will the desire to stick my pudgy fingertip in and scratch that itch.

if i infect the girls with pink eye, i will be in HELL!