Sunday, February 3, 2008


kisu was all about the pats perfection. in my heart of hearts i guess i was rooting for the giants.

i'm just tired of hearing about new england; the video-taping issues left a bad taste in my mouth. and also, i'm an underdog kid of girl.

i think it's interesting that the mannings have won back to back titles. next thing you know, ol' archie's gonna come out of retirement and get him a ring, too.

pooka didn't know who to root for. somehow, although i never said a word, she thought we were rooting for the giants, so she made a sorta-bet with granny. once kisu explained that he was rooting for the patriots, he talked her out of canceling the bet. too bad, she would have taken granny's dollar.

ultimately, since neither the bills nor the lions played (nor the cowboys) i didn't really care who won (or lost, in the case of the cowpats), and it was a pretty good game overall.