Monday, January 28, 2008

would you accept blessings from a condemned man?

it seems like every month we get a call from the church to serve communion. since we never answer the home phone and only check the voicemail about twice a month, we don't do it.

last night, kisu not only answered the phone, he answered the call. he committed us to serve communion next week.

i was gobsmacked.

kisu attended church exactly twice last year. once for the baby's baptism and once to see pooka's Christmas performance. no, wait, there was also one visit in gratitude for his new job.

he's not anti-church, he just doesn't want to give up his sunday morning lie-in. well, that and he doesn't like me poking him every time the pastor makes a statement that i think is directly relevant to him.

i have been looking for ways to be more involved at church, but this was not high on my list of possibilities. this is waaaay too public. very important duties. i'll probably get jitters and spill the wine all over somebody's sunday best.

but then again, i was nervous about teaching sunday school all on my own and that turned out well enough. at any rate, i didn't swear or lock any kids up in the cabinet. not that i wasn't tempted, mind you. (what kind of brat kid goes to sunday school and pointedly turns his chair away from the teacher and the other kids?)

anyway, if you hear about a church melee involving a sinner bursting into flames and then being doused in sacramental juice, well, that was probably us.