Tuesday, January 8, 2008

what's your favorite color?

i've never been a big fan of red, but i can definitively tell you that i hate scarlet.

bug's probably not so fond of it, either. she has a fever that color.

i panicked a bit when the doc mentioned it, but doing some research has put my mind at ease.

it's a strep-based infection and is easily treated with antibiotics. it is contagious, as would be strep throat, but it's nowhere near as catastrophic as it used to be when my nana was little. i don't have to worry that bug's hearing is in jeopardy.

i called the daycare to advise them, and i called kisu at work to follow up on the sore throat he complained of yesterday.

(*****red lights flashing, klaxon ringing. wait, does a klaxon ring or clang or what?*****)

and yes! he has developed a fever. guess what, big guy? you've probably got the fever for the flavor of a pringle antibiotics. (as if he needed another reason to hate o*io state.)

kisu's supervisor freaked and sent him home. i wonder if poppa can handle kisu AND bug?