Wednesday, January 30, 2008

big girl

where has the time gone? i can't believe my first-born is 6 today. she is so excited.

she has so much character, so much charisma, it's irresistable. her friends at school certainly feel it. even B, the girl she has trouble with, feels drawn toward her. this morning when we arrived at school, B came up to her and wished her a happy birthday. then her mom prompted her to tell pooka that she, B, had started to make a gift for pooka, but that it was still at home unfinished.

later, a little birdie told me that B said she had dressed up for school today expressly because it was pooka's birthday. how sycophantic sweet is that? so when B turns around and does something mean, is it her poorly handling pooka's rejection? i found out through email with the teacher that the basket-throwing incident was initiated by pooka telling B that she was not invited to pooka's birthday party. AND that she would instruct me to not answer the phone if B's mom called me about it.

ok, sometimes, charisma can be evil.

when i discovered her derisive behavior toward B, pooka and i had a serious conversation. i had told her not to discuss the party at school precisely to avoid hurting the feelings of the kids who were not invited. i never thought i had to explicitly tell her not to throw it in their faces.

i reinforced her obligation to be nice, not rude, and i tried to explain about being modest regarding your own talents. if you want to help, you should try to do it in a way where you don't come across as a know-it-all.

teaching pride, and it's opposite face modesty, is a touchy subject. many adults have not mastered it. (i think if we handle this as a tag-team it'll be best. kisu can teach pride and i'll handle the modesty.) hopefully, bits and pieces will start to sink in.

she may be a brilliant 6 year old, but she's still just a 6 year old.

6 years old already.