Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a plausible excuse for brain damage

at dinner, pooka told us that a girl at school threw something at her. (We'll call her B.) pooka responded to that act of violence smartly, "that didn't hurt."

you know what's coming, right? yes, B threw more things until pooka finally started crying. (i must admit, at this point i started laughing. this is the child who sustained a second-degree burn on her hand with nary a peep, but throw a basket at her a couple times and she bawls. maybe she realized that was the best tactical maneuver.)

later, in the shower, pooka reached down to get the soap and cracked her head squarely on the edge of the tub. (i laughed again; that seems to be a disturbing trend....)

so perhaps these events explain why she was unfazed as, snuggling on the couch, i let rip two thunderous farts directly onto her legs. as the aroma drifted up, she turned to me, grinned, and then buried her head in my lap!

there's gotta be some damage in that head.